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this isn't your typical hackathon

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South Texas' first ever cyber-challenge for High Schoolers
Compete in a 4-person team with your friends against other teams completing coding challenges ranging from quite easy to comparably difficult king-of-the-hill style.
Enter into 3 categories: Beginner, Medium, and Expert. Win prizes ranging from $50 to $2000. Are you ready?
Dinner games.
Play fun games with friends at the dinner table.

We’ll have burritos, pizza, and drinks at 8pm while playing all the same games you loved during quarantine.
Wanna compete?Register.

After dark.
An informative session for each challenge.

We’ll have chips and dip while we walkthrough each and every challenge so you can walk away with knowledge in whatever language you started with.

Late night.
A fun hangout at midnight.

We’ll have chocolate chip cookies, oreos, and milk at midnight while hanging out in the cube.
Sound fun?Register.

Quick answers to quick questions.

(so we don't get in trouble)

What ages?
Incoming High School freshmen (that’s 13yo) to High School seniors (that’s 19yo).
Is this like SoHacks?
In every way except you won’t create your own project. you’ll be competing.
Anything I should bring?
Pack your computer, your phone, and your sleeping bag (if you plan on sleeping). We’ll provide the goods.

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